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The Witch of Erast is a collect it all adventure game where you play as Azelea White to save her land Erast. Erast is a happy place a fun place, a place where all negativity is taken from the world. But on one normal day the darkness of negativity is trying to take over Erast. The light orbs are set free to try and battle the darkness, but the light orbs are failing their main task. Azelea has one final power left but she needs all the light orbs to release the ultimate power to destroy the darkness. Help Azelea to collect the light orbs and destroy the darkness that is trying to take over Erast.

The Witch of Erast is free to download from the Google Play Store. Join the adventure with these in-game features.

  • Randomly generated world - No ones game will ever be the same.
  • A great achievement system
  • Leaderboards will also be introduced in the end of 2016
  • A PC build available for download. The Google Play link is also available.


    Controls works as follows:

    Use the arrow keys to move around

    Where it says Retry or Play use the <Enter> button.


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    Published 1 year ago
    AuthorGivit Game Studios
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